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Trustworthy Reconditioning

You can provide trustworthy health care while doing your part to save the environment by purchasing medical equipment from Med-E-Quip Locators that have been reconditioned by qualified bio-med technicians. These technicians work in a fully equipped bio-med shop in St. Louis, Missouri, to complete repairs and preventative maintenance on a wide variety of medical devices. As mandated by regulatory medical groups, we perform annual preventative maintenance. All service work employees must have a drug license to order OEM parts or perform service work on the IV pumps to ensure we are in complete compliance under the Medical Device Act of 1990. Because we are able to use OEM parts, you can rest assured your machine will be returned patient-ready.

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Constant Communication With You

When we receive used hospital equipment, they undergo an initial evaluation process to determine the estimate to repair the devices and what repairs will be needed. Prior to any reconditioning, the estimate will be sent to the customer for approval. We strive to return an estimate within 45 minutes after receiving the equipment at our facilities. Upon approval, we will repair and test the medical devices to ensure they have been returned to patient-ready condition. We typically complete repair requests within 3 to 5 working days after customer approval. If the repairs are approved, there is no cost for the initial evaluation. If the repairs are not approved by the customer, the initial evaluation will be billed at the current hourly rate.

Electrical safety test procedures will be performed with a MEQL-approved electrical safety analyzer that is calibrated annually. Equipment under test will meet a ground resistance of 150 milliohms (.15 ohms) maximum, chassis leakage current of 100 microamps or less from chassis to ground, patient lead leakage current of 10 microamps or less from lead to ground, and lead isolation current of 20 microamps or less between leads.

Pump Recertification

The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations requires all pumps used for infusion be recertified every 12 months. MEQL is equipped with a Certamatic Testing System to complete this re-certification process. This revolutionary system can perform recertification on all of our infusion pumps. The test system automates all testing procedures and provides pass/fail results for accuracy, occlusion, and electrical safety in accordance with the manufacturer specification. Upon completion of this test, our customer receives a four-page, computer-generated recertification document of all work performed on each infusion device.

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