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Hospira Plum A+

Single Channel Large Volume Infusion Pump

Revisions: 11.6, 12.3, 13.4

Product Specifications
Dimensions - 8" H x 8" W x 6" D, excluding pole clamp

Weight - 9.5 lbs. with battery

Casing - High-impact plastic

Delivery Rate Range Lines A & B - 0.1-99.9 ml/hr in 0.1 ml increments100-999 ml/hr in 1 ml increments 

Concurrent Delivery - 0.5 ml/hr minimum for each line

Plum Set - 500 ml/hr cumulative (A+B) maximum

KVO - 1.0 ml/hr or the last primary delivery rate, whichever is less

VTBI Range - 0.1-99.9 ml in 0.1 ml increments100-9999 ml in 1 ml increments

Electrical Power Requirements - 120V, 50-60 Hz, 35VA

Fuses - F1, F2, 250V, 0.5A

Power Cord - Hospital Grade AC Cord 10 ft long

Battery - One sealed lead acid, rechargeable 6V battery, internal

Battery Life - With a new fully charged battery, the infuser shall operate for a minimum of 6 hours at 125 ml/hr or less, or deliver 500 ml at 126 ml/hr or greater on one line.

Recharge - The battery charges whenever the pump is connected to AC power.  The recharge time is approximately 6 hours with the device operating at 125 ml/hr on one line.